Team 30 Day Challenge


“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one”.

October 16


November 14

The First Ever
Team 30 Day Challenge

What is a Team 30 Day Challenge? In a nutshell, this is our plan to start your next year of workouts on a sky high note! This challenge will be run like any other 30 Day Challenge (you set your goal, get accountable, make a plan, then set out to inihilate it) EXCEPT you will be doing this with a group of others, at the same time. Training together to smash their OWN goals with the momentum, support and cumulative drive of one another. If you have ever had the birthday bumps at FIT Happens you know how strong our momentum can be! We get one another airborne. For many of us, we are looking at 2018 to be a year of bigger goal fulfilment, bigger events, and bigger self development. This challenge offers all of that!

Everything You Need To Meet Your Goals!

We want to help you make the most of your fitness journey. Team 30 Day Challenge is FIT Happens way to get crushing your goals with the support of others. 

Challenge Binder

Goal setting, daily food & activity journal to be worked on daily for the 30 days. . . and year;)

Goal Setting

Learn how to set a goal, make a plan, and crush it. Then repeat the process again and again

Pre-Challenge Consult

15 minute pre-challenge phone consult to make sure you are challenge ready 

Daily Workouts

Strength, endurance, hiit, tabata, all your fav workouts to be done at home. Classes are not included in the challenge but are of course recommended for best results, most encouragement, personal check ins and fun

Nutritional Guidance

Sample meal plans; pre & post work out food ideas, how to get the most from your meals and clean eating tips for the time starved

Ongoing Inspiration

Wisdom, quotes, motivation and inspiration. All the stuff that stikes a chord with our drive to be better and keeps us going strong

Weekly Webinars

Weekly webinars to check in on everone’s progress and maintain group momentum

Group Support

And as always a signature Facebook group for community, collaboration, and support

Is the 30 Day Challenge for you?

Are you determined to make this year stand out as the BEST year
to date on your fitness journey?

Do you have a physical challenge that you want to take on that seems overwhelming?

Do you need support to get started?

Do you want to lose weight you haven’t been able to lose to date?

Do you want to learn how to periodize training to hit your goals over
the course of a month then to take what you do this month and learn how
to do the same over the course of a year?

Do you want to have fun with your fitness journey and the process
of being the best you can be?

The 30 Day  Challenge Will…

Give you the goal setting skills, steps and framework to set ANY fitness goal and CRUSH it.


Tell you who you want and need on your team! Who are the people you need around you to ensure your goals are met, and how to build the support network necessary to go all the way.


Give you eating plans that support your goals and are sustainable for you. Without elimination, deprivation and cookie cutter plans. What plan will work for YOU?


Give you the momentum to start your year of training on the highest note imagineable.


Register for the TEAM 30 Day Challenge then schedule your phone consult with

Jenn and get pumped for the month ahead

30 Day Challenge happens from October 16 – November 14. Webinars will take place each Thursday at 6:00

Team Challenge Wrap up – We like to celebrate our gains (and losses;) Come take stock on how everyone’s month went: November 19th. 

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