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The power of Online training


Flexible Schedule

Complete a workout anywhere and anytime. Break free from scheduled classes and work out when it suits you! Studies show that people stick to a routine when they have the power to choose.


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Complete a workout as many times as you like and pick from our extensive library of classes, challenges or programs to keep you motivated every day of the year!


Community Support

Nothing great was every accomplished alone! The Fit Fam provides the motivation and support you need on the hardest days. Ask questions, get feedback and know that we have your back.

we are Fit Happens

Fit Happens has been challenging people from all walks of life for the past 12 years.  From goal setting to group challenges to personal achievements, we ensure that you strive towards your full potential.

We never do the same workout twice and we keep everyone motivated through a rock solid community that ensures no one is left behind.

training to meet your goals



Programs will range from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the goal.  Pick one of our programs when you have something specific you want to achieve like a 10k, specific body parts, agility, etc.



Need to push yourself?  Challenges come in 30 day flavor and will test you.  Use challenges when you really want to increase your intensity and push your body to places you didn’t think you were capable.



Daily workouts are for when you need all around conditioning, want a workout every day and want to get in the best shape of your life.  These workouts can be done anytime and will help you build good, healthy habits.

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  • 365 days of workouts
  • Private recipe vault
  • Private WOD support group


All programs and challenges
$ 97 / month
  • All current and future programs/challenges and classes!
  • Recipe Vault
  • FitFam Support Group


Save 20% each year!
$ 970 / year
  • 4 classes per month
  • In Person or Zoom
  • Facebook Support Group

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