Jenn Morrell

Owner & Operator

“It’s great to be happy with where you are, but I believe we are all meant to be constantly striving to be better


I believe in goals. I believe in trying new things. I believe in getting dirty. I believe in laughter during workouts. I believe in always pushing yourself to be better. I believe that your success is largely impacted by the support and camaraderie of those around you.

When I was growing up my mom had a china cabinet and at the top of the cabinet was a ruby red plate. The plate was on a stand and all around the plate were the words “you are special today.” The plate stayed up in the cabinet until either my brother or I did something special: a good report card, a tennis tournament won, a piano recital finished etc. On the day that we would do this special something mom would get out her step stool and bring down the red plate. Then the one of us who’d had the special day would get to eat dinner off the plate and be honored for doing something amazing. Looking back this is where the drive to goal set and fulfill may have been instilled and perhaps where my obsession with red as a power color began too.

So what can I offer you? I can offer you innovative workouts, intensity you may not have known existed, and lots of laughter while training. I can offer you a supportive environment and trainers that will care about you and where you want to take your fitness journey. I can offer you compassion and understanding when you show up. I can offer to show you how exercise can be a tremendous outlet for stress in life as it has been for me. I’ve trained through life ups and downs (as fit happened literally 😉 through pregnancies and injuries, a divorce and the hurdles of every day and the workouts have been a saving grace. I can offer you no two workouts that are the same because I myself would hate that! I can offer you ever changing pace and LOTS and lots of energy. I can offer you the most effective way of getting in the best shape (in many regards) in your life. Come get fit happening!

Mike Burrus

Personal Trainer & Class Instructor

“If it doens’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

I am a graduate from the University of Victoria. Originally a ski junkie, puck duck from Alberta, I moved to Victoria to pursue my passion in health and fitness. My background includes training with a variety of explosive and power movements built upon years of football, hockey and boxing. My method of training includes everything from plyometrics to power lifting, with a focus on training  in a way that’s functional in day to day life. When I’m not busy training I enjoy the outdoors and can be found having casual dips in the ocean. My ideology towards fitness is simple: Train and play hard, eat well and always challenge everything.

Ivana Matovina

Class Instructor

“Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction

Movement has always been an integral part of my life. As a result, it brings me great joy to be helping others find that spark that comes from learning a new skill or accomplishing a goal. As a dancer, I grew up with a strong drive for improvement and a pursuit of excellence. As a human being, I find that willpower will only go so far without a strong reason for the goal and plenty of fun in the process!

I have been teaching dance to children since I was 16 and branched out into the fitness industry while attending University. Being involved in fitness has helped balance the stress of the dance world and learning more about what it takes to stay strong and healthy has fueled my interest in the industry. I am happy to be a part of the Fit Happens team, working towards building a community of healthy and active children and adults.