Keep Challenging Yourself
Part of being your best is to continually keep challenging yourself. Fit Happens hosts a series of challenges annually that strive to move you in the direction of being your best self.

Whether a seasonal challenge like Fit for the Holidays that keeps you on your workouts over the hardest months of the year or a targeted challenge like Get Ripped in 21, Fit Happens is committed to continually coming up with month long plans to keep you at your best. Last years’ group challenges included: Cardio and Abs, Get Lean, Self Care etc. All challenges are offered online and can be participated in from outside of Victoria BC.


In the last year FIT Happens has also been doing lots of distance 30 Day Challenges! Live outside of Victoria but want to dedicate a month to bettering yourself with workouts written daily, specifically for you, food guidance daily addressing your eating patterns and tips daily to keep you at your best? Contact us at [email protected].