Our classes are for ANYONE wanting to up the intensity of their workouts. Focus is on strength training, cardiovascular endurance, agility, and core stability with a goal setting component. Looking for a fitness class that’s never the same? Different equipment, different exercises, and a focus that shifts daily? Looking for a supportive, encouraging, and fun environment? How about a fitness class that focuses on goal setting, clean eating, and group motivation DAILY? That is what we do at FIT Happens!

Morning Blast

Our morning classes are 45 minutes of anything goes. Format switches daily and is open to ALL LEVELS: circuit, tabata, strength challenges and endurance drills. Spinning, boxing, running or stairs as your aerobic component then into half an hour of strength. Each day also has a general theme, eg. Monday is full body, Tuesday is upper body, Wednesday is cardio and core, Thursday is lower body, and Friday is anything goes. Come see how we start our days off on the right note!



A class near and dear to me, this class for new moms, moms to be, and moms of toddlers is a great way to get out and get active with other women (and some men) in a supportive and friendly environment. All fitness levels are welcome! 60 minutes are spent addressing post natal issues- weight loss, core strength, cardiovascular endurance, etc.

Event Training

This class is the hardest workout of the week and caters to those wanting to cross train for sport,  prep for an event (OCR, marathon, triathlon etc.) or just get a tough one in! The workouts are one hour long and have aerobic, anaerobic and strength components. Saturdays can be dirty and definitely for cater to those that want to tap their inner athlete.

Quick HIIT

For those wanting maximum intensity! Show up to class 10 minutes early. Do a warm up on your own, then move right into speed drills, timed courses, strength challenges etc. A killer workout in only 45 minutes. For those strapped for time who want a BIG push.