Our groups are an awesome way to connect with the community and keep your fitness goals a priority. The majority of Fit Happens groups are all free to join, and are a great way to meet others that value health and wellness.

Clean Eating Dinner Club

Trying to eat as healthy as you can, and getting tired of the same old recipes? Food boredom can be one of the main reasons you are not eating as well as you could be. Fit Happens Clean Eating Dinner Club aims to banish meal boredom with inspiring dinners ideas. On selected dates we hold Clean Eating Dinners as a way to share great food ideas. At our thematic potlucks, food is tried, kitchen secrets are shared, and a new stockpile of delicious recipes is built! Tada! Themes change monthly and are chosen by the participants. Past themes include mexican, locally sourced entrees, sliders, finger foods, vegetarian fare, dude food and greek. We are all busy people with busy lives, just trying to better our culinary repertoire with fresh, locally sourced, organic ingredients and meals that can be prepped in 30 meals or less.

Fun Lunch Friday

Want to explore healthy fare in Victoria? We do! On selected Fridays we chose a restaurant with a fresh, local, minimal ingredient list, and give it a try. It’s a way to get out for some healthy eats and to enjoy lunch with one antoher. Check the calendar for upcoming lunch dates and locations.

Walk/Run Walk Group

Our walk/run group is a FREE group that meets twice a week to get in runs as cardio and running is a big component of many of our team events. Thursday  night we do a 2-6km walk run along the gorge starting at 6pm and Sunday am we do a 3-10km run around Elk/Beaver Lake. These groups are for ANYONE wanting to get out and enjoy the social aspect of running.

Shoe Night

We partner with 2:18 run to have Shoe Nights for all Fit Happens clients. These nights are hosted by Phil and are an opportunity to get properly fitted for running shoes, cross trainers, trail runners and bootcamp shoes for great prices. 

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a big part of Fit Happens. Several times a year we meet to set out our personal and group goals for the year, to discuss our plan of action, and to take stock of the amazing things we have accomplished. Goal setting for us is a three step process of 1) setting out the plan 2) recruiting the support to see the plan through and 3) (and most importantly) celebrating our victories together.